Sunday, January 11, 2009

"Gay is a Gift" ... You heard it on Oprah!

So I was doing the quick-email-check-on-a-Sunday-morning thing and found a link to this article about Ed's interview on Oprah ... which was in DUTCH so I couldn't read it ... but found that it had a link to an excerpt from the segment on You Tube, so ... VOILA!

Lots of comments, emails and stuff flying around about this, as you might imagine. There are hundreds of comments on the community pages and we continue to get emails and voicemails in response. I even heard that Bill O'Reilly referred to the segement but haven't gotten confirmation or a clip yet. (Am thinking that it wasn't to say, "Amen!")

So tune in on Wednesday evening when the panel does their live webcast with follow up questions. At the end of the day what matters most, I think, is the comment Sedrick made at the end of the segment, "After listening to you guys today I think I'm going to leave here with a renewed vision."

What a GREAT way to start off the Season of Epiphany! With an "AHA!"

PS - Stay tuned ... the focus of today's sermon here at All Saints was "A Stubborn Kind of Love" and we should have an excerpt soon.


NG said...

I don't know about you, but Oprah sure seemed disbelieving.



Did you listen to the whole thing?

The part where Michael said "He's the image of God just as he is" and Oprah said, "Yes, Yes ... so Sedrick, do you believe that?"

IMHO what she was working on was not whether what Ed and Michael were saying was TRUE but what the cost would be to leaving that exchange in the broadcast version. (The show taped before Christmas.)

NG said...

Did I see the segment as it
originally aired? Unfortunately, no.

I only have the clip I posted and similar ones posted on YouTube.

To me, Oprah appeared to be skeptical. I'm not the only one who thought so or thinks so.

Gigi said...

I watched the whole episode as I am a huge fan of both Ed and Oprah. I was very disappointed in Oprah's moderation of the panel. Particularly when Ed said that being gay was a gift from God. She allowed Michael to take over explaining that notion. I know that Ed would have done a much better, clearer job of explaining it. More importantly, I feel that a huge opportunity was missed. It would have been far more powerful for the world to see Reverend Ed Bacon, this man in a collar, from a "traditional" denomination, proclaiming with the eloquence and passion that he always exudes (told you I'm a fan) NOT just that we should tolerate, accept or, worse yet, forgive gay people, but that being gay is a GIFT from GOD!!! I'm sorry the world didn't get to see that.

Pat Klemme said...

Watched with tears in my eyes. How precious to be reminded that we are created wholey (and holy) as God intends us to be. Everyone's sexuality is a gift from God, as are our bodies, minds, and spirits. To hear what I have believed at the core of my being from an Episcopal priest is a very healing message to a wounded heart. Thank you, Ed Bacon (and Oprah and Michael) and to you, Susan, for persisting in finding a link to this.

Bateau Master said...

Doesn't look like TEC treats God's gifts equally. If God provides you an extra chromosome, you're subject to eradication with the church's blessing.