Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Letter from the Bishop of New Hampshire

A Letter to the Episcopal Church in New Hampshire
from your Bishop
March 21, 2007

I think you would have been proud of us as your Bishops. The manner and tenor of our decision-making was kind, respectful and prayerful. This was not about politics, but about this part of the Body of Christ attempting to exercise its leadership in appropriate and lawful ways. It was about respecting ALL the orders of ministry in our Church. It was about protecting our Church from inappropriate encroachment on internal matters. It was in the best tradition of the Anglican Communion.

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Anonymous said...

+Gene, God bless you and thank you. God is great and prayers do work. Your letter is articulate, full of love and peace, we will move forward. "the nature of who we are as a Church and our belief that the Gospel of Jesus Christ calls us to a union in which ALL the children of God – including women and gay and lesbian people – are called to full participation in the life and ministry of our Church" I don't know you, but your spirit is beautiful. And thank you Susan for sharing and caring and leading us to pray and not hate, love joe

Frair John said...

Once again, +VGR showes what a Bishop should be.
Any sign of a rant from +Bob Pitsburg?

RonF said...

Once again, +VGR showes what a Bishop should be.

Someone who sets themselves above the health of the entire Church? For a man who said "I don't want to be the 'gay bishop'", he sure does spend a lot of time in front of cameras and audiences giving speeches about just that.

Frair John said...


I fail to see how +VGR has harmed the entire Church. It's those who don't remember first year Church History and cling to a fundamentalist reading of scripture who are "harming the Church. I'd say that they've been a source of harm for decades.
+VGR has shown a tremendous amount of Grace, courage and love in the face hate, rage and threats of violence. He is not an issue; he is a child of God who is despised viscerally by people professing Faith in Christ. So, yes, as opposed to the angry, mean spirited and dishonest rants of +Duncan, +VGR is a model of the episcopacy.