Friday, January 11, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Schofield Inhibited

Episcopal News Service is reporting:

Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori on January 11 inhibited Diocese of San Joaquin Bishop John-David Schofield.

In the text of the inhibition, Jefferts Schori wrote: "I hereby inhibit the said Bishop Schofield and order that from and after 5:00 p.m. PST, Friday, January 11, 2008, he cease from exercising the gifts of ordination in the ordained ministry of this Church; and pursuant to Canon IV.15, I order him from and after that time to cease all 'episcopal, ministerial, and canonical acts, except as relate to the administration of the temporal affairs of the Diocese of San Joaquin,' until this Inhibition is terminated pursuant to Canon IV.9(2) or superseded by decision of the House of Bishops."

Jefferts Schori acted after the Title IV Review Committee certified that Schofield had abandoned the communion of the Episcopal Church.

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And may I just say ....



Kirstin said...

Alleluia! And about time.

Rev. Rod Reinhart said...

This is a very correct and courageous act. I am very pleased
that the Presiding Bishop has stepped out and done the right thing. She has been patient, understanding and kind, while Mr.
Schofield has done and said many intolerant, inappropriate and, perhaps illeagle things. The PB has done what had to be done.

Mr. Bob Horwath, M.A. cMPH said...

Bishop Schori is faithful and a true leader. As the Eastern Catholics and Orthodox say: "God grant her many years"!

This is GOOD news!

Jane K said...

The PB is a beacon of hope who is courageous, steadfast, models truth & reconcilliation and walks humbly with her God. The Navajo say "walk in beauty...". I have waited for a long time for such beauty to emerge from the leadership of the Episcopal Church.

I also am filled with gratitude for the strong, courageous leadership of Susan Russell.

Thanks be to God.

Anna B. said...

The PB is a very courageous woman, indeed. We must keep her in our prayers that she may continue to lead the church in the right and just direction in spite of the attacks against her, which will likely become worse. She is such a good and decent person. God bless her and all of us as we move forward.

Anonymous said...

God Bless the PB for protecting the church given to her care. Now she needs to turn her attention to that schismatic bishop in Pittsburgh! I think this is a good sign and certainly evidence that B033 Didn't make any difference to the schismatics. Yes I know and understand that name calling serves no purpose but as angry as they get about +Gene I'm angry that they put "issues" ahead of unity just like they accuse progressives of doing. Ride on Ride on +Katherine our prayers and support go with you. Jesse, diocese of southwest FL

Linda in VT said...

And be it noted that this action had to be approved by the three seniormost bishops of the church, at least one of whom, and I think two of whom, are so-called "Windsor Compliant," Camp Allen bishops. All is being done decently and in good order.


Right ... and let it be noted that Bishop Wimberly is taking a RATION of %$#* as a result from the schismatics.

(Note: I gave up "conservatives" and "reasserters" for the New Year. The only thing they're interest in conserving is their power and the only thing they can be counted on to "reassert" is the patriarchy.)

Orgel56 said...

"...I gave up "conservatives" and "reasserters" for the New Year. The only thing they're interest in conserving is their power and the only thing they can be counted on to "reassert" is the patriarchy..."

A pity, as I had mentioned in the past, I am one that could be counted as a "conservative/reasserter", but was still struggling through the overall issues. However, of late, what with snide referrals to "Cone-heads" etc., am I to deduce that the pleas for "inclusiveness" and "respect" only goes one way???

Sounds a bit hypocritical to me. :(


orgel56 ... if the shoe fits, wear it! And just to be TOTALLY clear, I think "conservative" and "reasserter" are still perfectly good categories of folks and believe we benefit from both conserving AND resasserting ... as long as we don't succumb to believing that it has to be an "either/or" and give up on progressing and re-imagining! It's all about the balance.

And as far as being hypocritical, I'm convinced speaking the truth moves us beyond the hypocritical AND the co-dependent.

And the truth is there ARE those on the "other side of the aisle" who have been working, praying, planning, fundraising and organizing this schism for lo-these-many-years ... and not to name that fact at this time is to put our heads in the sand and ignore the truth that will set us free.

Lindy said...

Right... and let it also be noted that bishop Wimberley made his own bed of %$#* and he can just lie in it. He's got the Windsor mess he asked for.

Linda Diane McMillan
Austin, Texas