Sunday, January 06, 2008

The night after ...

.... the New Hampshire Debates
Doug Mills/The New York Times

So whatja think? Any "epiphanies?"

UPDATE: Luna, our Marvelous Malamute has a few thoughts on politics in general and on the debating process in particular


Jim of L-Town said...

Dear Rev. Russell:

Shamefully, I spent the afternoon and evening watching the football playoffs.
But I really like Obama. I don't agree with all his positions but I find him refreshingly positive and he hasn't been all over the map on issues like Hillary.
Actually my new mantra, which I hope to put on a bumper sticker reads: "No more Bushes, no more Clintons."
The country needs new, fresh leadership and in so many ways Obama represents that.
I actually like Romney on the other side (Michigan roots and all) but it appears his campaign may be on the way down.
I'm a pro-life person, but that's not the issue that determines who I vote for.
Obama represents the main thing I ask for in a candidate: "Don't tell me why not to vote for someone else, tell me why to vote for you."
That said, Obama better hold onto his hat, because the Clintons will not go down easily and things could get nasty fast. Which, in my opinion, is simply another reason not to vote for Hillary.
Obama has been right on the war since the beginning (as has Edwards). Edwards, who lives in a 20,000-square foot mansion and flies in a private jet is trying to hide as a "populist." That doesn't work for me.
Anyway, you asked.

A sinner saved by God's Grace

Jim of Michigan


I'm a BIG Hillary fan ... and I thought John Edwards was really strong last night.(And we flipped back and forth between the Republicans and the football, too.)

My favorite moment was Bill Richardson actually ANSWERING the question, "What have you said you regretted in this campaign." Everybody else dodged it but I guess his honesty is just another example of "freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose!"

Whatever the outcome, it's certainly not going to be a dull campaign!

Ann said...

Talk about someone who changes positions with the polls -- that's Romney. Look at his platform when running in Massachusetts and look now. Hillary may have changed her mind on the war -- but who hasn't?


Who hasn't? Unfortunately the Cretin-in-Chief ... (see also: 379 More Days!!!)

Jim of L-Town said...

Actually Ann, Obama and Edwards haven't changed on the war. Both voted against the initial resolution, which Hillary enthusiastically supported.
Hillary only came off her support when she made a political calculation that it was killing her political chances at being President.
Hillary's husband, lobbed bombs and cruise missles into Iraq in 1998 also for the phony reason of eliminating WMDs. Actually it was more of a diversionary tactic when he was up to his neck in Monica lies.
I think 8 years for the Clinton family and 12 years for the Bushes is quite enough.
This is not a monarchy and its time for some new faces and ideas.
As much as some would support Hillary simply because of the novelty of her gender, I think in addition to Obama's fresh ideas and approach electing an African-American President clearly trumps the "woman" thang.
If consistency on the war is your issue, Obama (and maybe Edwards) are your candidates.

A sinner saved by God's Grace

Jim of Michigan

Jim of L-Town said...

Dear REv. Russell:

My last post - not yet posted - has an error. While Obama did not vote for the original war resolution, I believe Edwards did, something for which he later apologized.
Sorry, didn't want to spread bad info.

A sinner saved by God's Grace

Jim of Michigan

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Obama has certainly changed his position on the war on Iraq, but so far Hillary has proven herself more a skilled politician than a good leader.

I think Obama got some real 'traction' from Oprah's support which may continue through NH. The question is not so much how Obama does as how Hillary responds. That will be the test of leadership.

Hillary didn't come off looking so good in any of the debates. The criticism I hear of her reminds me of the comments made about the Philadelphia 11 and all the brave women who were ordained in the first 5 years of the movement. Just look at that picture on your blog. It's still the boys and - the girl.

I don't know. I keep hearing my daughter the political science major - who really likes Obama - say, "President Obama? Six years after 9/11? Just not gonna happen."

One thing is certain: The end of the "Bush Error" can't come soon enough.

Jack Sprat said...

The way I see it, we are suffering from an embarrassment of riches. Thinking, progressive people interested in social justice have a panoply of great candidates to choose from. I have my favorite, but I will happily vote for whoever is nominated.

From where I stand, the conservatives have got a mess on their hands. Not shedding any tears over THAT.


Bruno said...

Well my epiphany is a very frightening one.
One I would have hoped would not be true,
But the way I see what is happening is, the "guys" are going to circle the wagons to make sure Hilary doesn't have a chance.
I see intelligent women I know say they "just don't like her" they like what she says, they think she would do a fine job, they think she is the best person for the job, BUT they "just don't like her"
The sad reality is that this country is not ready to view women as equals to men, and Hilary will bear the missteps of her Husband Bill as if they were her own magnified x 10.
I predict that this country will vote to continue to let this country slide to 3rd world status, rather than elect a woman to commander in chief.

Sharyn said...

I like Hilary. She smart, strong and capable. I could be friends with her. However, I disagree with her anti progressive actions on several issues, most notably the war. I am an Edwards supporter at heart (give the Corporations HELL and support the working class). Having said that, I will work VERY hard for Hilary or Obama should they be the nominee--- It will feel good to support a competent, intelligent, thoughtful leader as opposed to the embaressment that currently runs the crime syndicate we call the Executive Branch.

Ann said...

Edwards? who made his fortune as a lawyer - getting his percentage from the "little people" --- give me a break -- Gloria Steinem has a reflection on what is happening to Hillary Clinton.

Suzer said...

I used to like Hillary, but I no longer do. If you had asked me to vote for her before she became a senator, I would have most enthusiastically cast a vote for her. Sadly, over the years, she has lost my trust. She fully supported the war in Iraq (along with most other Democrats, to be fair), which greatly disappointed me. I had hoped she would be a prophetic voice against the war. She is too smart to not have known it was all built on lies.

She has consistently courted conservative Christians, and for years said she was against gay marriage in an attempt to get the votes of the vast middle. Now she says she is for civil unions (I think), but that could change tomorrow if the wind blows to the right.

I've been very, very disappointed in her actions. What bothers me even more is that people will now say that voters don't like her because she's a woman. Nothing could be further from the truth, in my case. I would be thrilled to have a female president, but I would need to be able to trust her the same way I want to be able to trust any candidate for office.

Hillary is too smart to have flapped back and forth in the wind these past few years. I expected more from her, because she is so smart, so well-spoken. But I unfortunately now view her as "Republican lite."

Lindy said...

I'm still dreaming of Dennis Kucinich. But, if I can't have that I'll take Hillary in a heartbeat. Obama just doesn't have the resume for the job. His inexperience scares me.