Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Busy Day in the Diocese of L.A.

Yes, I'm still trying to get my sermon for tomorrow done, but am taking a break between events-of-the-day to celebrate MOST this amazing day which is bursting with grace and blessing and ... well ... God!

I'm missing the diocesan ordination today of nine new priests in the Church of God, but when I wrote about their diaconal ordinations in June I noted that:

I rejoice in the diversity of the candidates and in the joy and energy they bring to their new ministries as deacons in the church of God. I'm also rejoicing at a personal level as: Bonnie Brandon is a long-time friend whose partner is one of the chairs of our Diocesan Reconciliation Team, Lester MacKenzie is the grandson of Bishop Edward MacKenzie (formerly of Capetown SA and now in residence in the Diocese of Los Angeles) and a great friend and ally and David and Karen Maurer and I go back to Cursillo team Praise Band days when we had opportunities to make some very joyful noise together. (And might I note to the diversity squad out there monitoring such things that David and Karen are graduates of TESM ... that would be Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry. Please file that way for the next time this "liberal" diocese of mine gets attacked for excluding and oppressing anyone who doesn't "tow the liberal progressive party line." Thanks!)

Their ordination is in progress as I write at St. John's, Los Angeles -- our new "procathedral" here in L.A. -- and so prayers ascend for ALL the new presbyters as they take on new ministries, new opportunities and new challenges.

Meanwhile, back at the All Saints Ranch I've just finished presiding at the blessing of the union of Vanessa & Millie, witnessed by an intimate gathering of friends and family on the chancel and now we're gearing up to celebrate the life of Robert Salisbury Morton, former Senior Warden with a Requiem Eucharist. And THEN I'll get back to the Baptism of Our Lord ... as we look forward to welcoming into the Household of God eight small people tomorrow morning.

So thank you, God, for most this amazing day -- and for the privilege of doing your work in the world! (And, to be completely honest, in addition to all the other good things happening to day, the 76 degrees and sunny doesn't hurt!) Hope there's as much joy and hope and celebration in your Saturday as there is in mine today!

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