Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Go, Gore!!!!

Thanks to Ann Fontaine for the lead on this one!

Bravo, Al Gore! (And no, of course he couldn't be saying this if he was running for office ... and isn't THAT a shame!)


Brian R said...

Another reason for me to rue what happened 7 years ago. Please God the USA will make a wiser choice in November. (From an Aussie)

Wormwood's Doxy said...

You know...I'm sick and tired of the conventional wisdom that no candidate could say this.

Why not?!

I believe there is a fundamental case to be made for fairness---that GLBTs pay taxes and support the society just like the rest of us. That they should not be denied the legal benefits of marriage. That legal marriage and religious marriage are separate issues.

I'm tired of politicians who won't make a case for fairness. I'm tired of people who have no moral courage bending to the handful of folks who would vault a Mike Huckabee into office.

The case can be made. The case SHOULD be made. Why do we let our leaders off so lightly on this?

We are all complicit in either their gutless cowardice, or their lying to people to get elected (Hello, Hillary!).

Phyllis Amenda said...

Whatever Gore said came up blank on my screen. Could it be that Firefox couldn't load it properly?

Phyllis Amenda
Binghamton, NY

Jim said...

Interesting that the Vice-president is arguably making a conservative case. Limit government's ability to intervene in our lives, or tell us how to live.

Doxy, except in times of crises, occasionally, most of my fellow Americans seem to think "Status quo" is part of the constitution. Little matters like institutional injustice do not bother them unless they are victims. And that is why the church needs to constantly proclaim a search for justice.


Fred said...

Worm -

Duh! Because they couldn't get elected!