Friday, January 25, 2008

Can you see it?

There -- peeking out between the clouds above the roof of my neighbor-across-the-street -- SNOW!!!! Actual, white, sticking-to-the-ground, white frozen stuff on the foothills above Pasadena!

Now, if you're in Chicago or New Hamphshire or Rochester I'm imagining your reaction is going to be something like, "You call that SNOW????" But for a Southern California native, I can tell you it looks like snow to us ... and it sure isn't anything we're used to seeing in the hills above the Rose Bowl!

(Here endeth the weather report -- back to our regularly scheduled blogging in a bit!)


Muthah+ said...

Nah! Divine Dandruff!

Sista Cala said...

I followed your link from the Friday 5 comments. I didn't realize that it snowed at all in southern CA. Hope to read more of your blog as time permits.


Siter Cala ... welcome!

muthah+ ... sorry! round these parts it passes for a blizzard!

(and that's because it does NOT snow in southern CA!!!)

RevAnne said...

Wow! I'm looking forward to a little snow out my way. Rumor has it maybe we'll get a little tomorrow night.:)

Sue said...

Another Friday Five follower: you may remember me as SueCan from back in the DPS days. I do more blogging than DPS-ing these days.

Great to find yoru blog and catch up!


sue ... Oh My GAWD!!! I was JUST talking to a colleague yesterday about DPS and Rick from VA ... wonder what ever happened to him???

Great to reconnect ... have a great weekend!