Sunday, January 20, 2008

A year from today ...

... will be Bush's last day.

When we wake up tomorrow morning, it will be less-than-a-year until we have a new president. (Now that's what I call good tidings of great joy!)


Jack Sprat said...

Since I personally oppose him on every possible political, moral, economic, ethical and social level, I realize I am biased. But I cannot help but believe that Bush II will eventually be seen as the worst president in U.S. history. And by implication, our grandchildren will be asking "what did you do to try and stop him?" We bear collective guilt, in my view, and will have no ready excuse.

I think the reason that I cannot rejoice in the end of his administration is that the only thing I ever did to stop his insanity was to think differently and bide my time.



Orgel56 said...

I voted for the current administration, frankly, because I really wasn't given a compelling reason by the other candidates to vote *for* them instead of voting *against* the other person... Was I wrong? I guess history will truly point this out. It would be nice if the candidates would get back to giving us reasons to vote *for* instead of *against*.... (An interesting thought - what if this happened in church politics, also??? - - nah, too scary!)


"We held our nose and cast our votes..." (Opus)


Interesting point. Thanks for taking time to comment. And, since ou ask ... yes, I think you were wrong. I heard plenty of compelling reasons to vote for leaders who consider war a last resort, not a preferential dipolomatic option. I voted for candidates who are committed to maintaining the separation between church and state, the independence of the judiciary and the foundational American value that "liberty and justice for all" really means ALL.

And in "church politics" I am committed to proclaiming a platform FOR the full inclusion of all of the baptized in the Body of Christ.

Cheers back at'cha ... and how thrilled am I in THIS election cycle to not be having to hold my nose and vote for ANY of the front-runners in my party!

Mark J. Andrews said...

I don't know...a lot depends on just who the president and vice president are on Jan. 9, 2009. Also, how a candidate comes to politics - that's one thing. How they behave during the campaign - that's a second thing. And finally, how they behave once elected - that's third thing. The worst president in U.S. history? I thought Nixon and Agnew were the worst in memory. Is that no longer true? Or how about Reagan and Bush, or Bush and Quail (sic), or Carter and Mondale? Defining the worst requires hindsight and some basis for comparing the short and long-term impact of different administrations over time. I don't thinks its enough to merely hate Bush and Chaney.