Thursday, September 04, 2008

And the Quote of the Week (so far!) Award goes to ...

... whoever said:

Jesus was a community organizer

Pontius Pilate was a governor

(Let those with ears to hear ...)


Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Okay, someone has to say it:


John said...


As a Quaker friend and his husband often say, "Speak truth to power."

Bruce said...

Obama certainly seems to see himself as the Messiah.

Fr Craig said...

not only that, Jesus was and IS a liberal!

seraph said...

I am sure Jesus would have no problem with people who think it is okay to kill preborn humans at a rate of millions a year...! That in a society where the causes of pregnancy are very well known... and non violent ways to prevent unwanted conception widely available....right!

That goes real well with "God is love" and with "in him was life".

Liberal means much more than being okay with handing out condoms in schools and supporting the right of some people to dispose of their offspring when it is not convenient! There is a sense in which liberal values embrace a respect for all life.

Jesus the community organizer never balked or ducked when it came to matters of truth or defense of the weakest...!

I find none of the "above my paygrade" stuff, nor the passive participation for 20 years in a community of religious intolerance and violence that the media's would be Messiah of the day has featured for us!

Truth to power, you must be kidding!


Tamika Caston said...


Liberal is about having an opinion and not trying to colonize other people's thoughts with it.

Whether or not one approves or disapproves of abortion is a personal opinion. One's personal opinion should not dominate one's politics if said one is the president. Ultimately all people's interests are supposed to be represented--not just that of the conservative, evangelical set, nor of the liberal, progressive set. It should marginalize no one, and strive to understand other people's issues.

Unfortunately, people throw out "liberal" pejoratively, and that's just simply not right. And also, those who have friends who have had said abortions see that decision and situation in a completely different light than those who are simply throwing out platitudes rather than experience.

@ Susan--I'm so glad I found your blog. I'm also delighted I had the pleasure of meeting you in San Diego's Integrity meeting. I hope all is well.

-Tamika Caston

seraph said...


The very bland, toothless definition of "liberal" you would try to pass off here, maybe convenient in the political correctness mode of our society but is far divorced from reality.

People with liberal values, prompted by a sense of justice, have led in the struggles for inclusion and equality in our societies! It is undeniable they did try to "colonize" and change public opinion and perception in favor of the marginalized or oppressed! Were it not so, we would still have slaves, women would not be running for VP this election cycle...and the GLBT would still fear to be out of the closet!!

I have seen an aborted late term Downs child die before my very eyes, that is no plattitude! Abortion is not an abstract about which all opinions are is act of terrible violence, a life is ended, you must see that!

Surely those of us who label ourselves liberal, who find it aborrhent to have people sit in the back of the bus, be denied the right to vote, be excluded on the basis of sexual orientation...can feel some sense of rigtheous disgust about such a practice so prevalent in a civilized society.

It would be denial to pretend that strongly held convictions like these do not inform our voting practices nor the way people govern! I am glad Lincoln and others in government who have through history somehow advanced "liberal" values, did not feel the way you do!



Señor Bozo said...

Thanks to Rev. Kurt over at 'Friends of Jake', here's a link where you can purchase this quote as a bumper sticker:

bunabear said...

Jesus as community orgainzer - wonderful! Yes, bringing people together, working to change hearts and lives at the most fundamental level. Amen indeed!

And also Amen to Tamika **One's personal opinion should not dominate one's politics if said one is the president.**
I think that is why we never seem to get anywhere in our political discourse.

I too am glad to find Susan's blog.

M.J. said...

Thanks for the link! I'm buying several.

It's interesting - I preached this past weekend on "remembering your call" focusing on Micah 6:8 and our responsibility to move past the Christian ghetto and back into the world, making sure our actions match our words. The sermon hit a responsible chord with many, citing that they hadn't been challenged on this and God was showing them their complaicancy. Then there was the ONE - the staunch, right wing Republican patriot who on Tuesday came into the office in tears - having wrestled all weekend with the anger she felt from the sermon. A words of encouragement to stick to safer subjects like other pastors do. I care for this person - she's a member of my flock that I care for yet it amazes me how sometimes we stick the party platform ahead of the gospel - even when we know that these issues are the same ones that Jesus himself was compassionate about and confront humanity and church leadership on.

I guess that some things take more time to change. The question is - how do you help conservative/middle of the road congregations begin to wrestle with the questions that Jesus asks us to interact with? And then do something with the answers they come up with?

Tamika Caston said...

@ Seraph:

My definition of liberal might be far removed from your reality, but it isn't from mine. Perhaps it's time for a change of paradigm.

Attempting to get people to open their perspective to include one that is broader than that of their own experience is not colonizing, it's discourse. I think it is hugely erroneous to assume that someone who believes in a woman's right to choose as being pro-abortion. Even God gave human beings free will. Who is humankind to impose our ideals upon others? Isn't this why we're fighting for equal rights for LGBT people? How can you apply one part of the bible with respect to abortion and not apply another part to that which the religious right uses to marginalize the LGBT community?

A great woman said, "Anything less than equal rights for all is simply unacceptable." *nod at Rev Russell* Another great man said, "Radical compassion trumps all." *nod at Dean Scott Richardson, St Paul's Cathedral.* This is true of women, men, black, white, latino, asian, gay, straight, queer, bisexual, and even that woman who is faced with a moment in which she may have to make a choice she never in her life thought she'd have to make. Right or wrong, she deserves respect, compassion, and love.

And for the record, I was talking about a political issue--not a Christian issue--when I was discussing the presidential candidate.

john said...

"Obama certainly seems to see himself as the Messiah."

He's got an easy act to follow, don't you think?

bob said...

Once again the theology of Episcopalians is displayed. Unintentional humor is usually the funniest. Interesting choice of images. You have no iconography of your own, so you have to borrow from a faith with which you have nothing in common. To inform you, the letters to the left and right of Christ are an abbreviation of "The One Who Is", that is (What Orthodox Christians have believed for 2000 years and some Anglicans still do) it is the name "I Am". Not community organizer, but God incarnate. Until you believe that, why not use someone else's image. This one does not now and never has belonged to you. Orthodox do not scam any Anglican images for pure political gain that I know of, kindly return the favor.


bob -- so Jesus "belongs" to you?

And the idea of God incarnate AS community organizer isn't an image that works for you as you read, mark, learn and inwardly digest the gospel stories of the work and witness of the One who loved us enough to become one of us in order to show us how to walk in love with God and with each other?

OK ...

It's an image that works for some of us because that's the Jesus we follow in the way that exemplifies the truth that life abundant is meant for all.

Sorry ... won't give you this one to you "bob."

bob said...

I repeat, the Icon is not an Anglican thing, only something you can mock in your ignorance. I don't expect you to understand what people have believed for 2000 years, because your church so actively abandons 2000 year old things. People get the wrong idea about evil. It isn't a Crucifix or Icon turned upside down; it's left right side up and made an idol. It's the clown Gene Robinson making an Episcopalian eucharist into the event of his divorce. When you need a shred of credibility you try to do it using someone else's Tradition. It doesn't work. It never will.