Wednesday, September 24, 2008

CNN Poll

Quick Vote (On the CNN Home Page at the moment)

John McCain's request to delay campaigning and this week's debate is:

  • An effort to help the economy
  • A political gimmick
  • Something else

Results as they stand at time of posting:

  • An effort to help the economy ... 24%
  • A political gimmick ... 71%
  • Something else ... 5%

(Maybe the American people are smarter than we look!)


Unknown said...

Eh, maybe I'm just cynical (8 years of Bush can do that), but . . .
#1: Online quick polls mean less than nothing.
#2: How would these numbers compare with a scientific survey of likely voters?
#3: People elected Bush in 2004 (I don't count his 2000 "election" by the conservatives on the Supreme Court.) despite a whole host of political gimmicks.

The only polls I care about are the 51 that will take place on Nov. 4.

Nevertheless, I still have some hope.

Unknown said...

It was gone by Thurs. afternoon, but for the record, I believe it was a crass, cheap, political stunt and considering who did it, I am not the slightest bit surprised. This is the same crowd that used to jack up the "security alert" status everytime their poll#s needed a bump.

RonF said...

I well imagine that the exact same poll on Fox News would show a rather different result.

The key now is that set of states where the race is close to even. It doesn't matter if California goes 60-40 for Sen. Obama or 80-20 - he gets no more electoral votes out of it. So nationwide polls really don't tell us that much.