Friday, September 05, 2008

You, Go, +John Chane!

+John Chane, Bishop of Washington, telling it like it is in today's "Comment is free" column in The Guardian ...

The Archbishop of Canterbury has called for sacrifices to be made to keep the garment of the communion together. And for the American and Canadian churches, that clearly means sacrificing once again the full participation of gay and lesbian people in the life of our church. I, for one, will not ask for any more sacrifices to be made by persons in our church who have been made outcasts because of their sexual orientation.

This Lambeth conference could have been a positive turning point for the Anglican communion, but instead the powers-that-be chose to seek a middle way that is neither "the middle" nor "the way". It will, therefore, be up to bishops from around the communion who have continuing partner and companion relationships to work toward a more holistic view of the church. The Anglican communion must face the hard truth that when we scapegoat and victimise one group of people in the church, all of us become victims of our own prejudice and sinfulness.

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