Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ed Bacon on Oprah's "Soul Series" on Monday!

All Saints rector, the Reverend J. Edwin Bacon, is going to be the featured guest on Oprah's "Soul Series" webcast, broadcast on XM radio. (How cool is that???)

Here's what the "Soul Series" is, as described on Oprah's website: Each week on her XM Radio show, Oprah sits down with leading spiritual thinkers, teachers and authors to talk about matters of the soul, and shares insights into her own life. Plus, she invites listeners to reflect on their own spiritual journeys. Videotaped sessions of Oprah's Soul Series will be available on every Monday evening at 9/8c.

Click here for a video preview and tune in on Monday, September 15th.
(And here's a list of previous guests on this series I'd never even heard about until Ed got invited to be on it ... who knew???)


christineaq said...

Hearing a comment made by Ed Bacon on how he believes that being gay is a gift from God...totally wrong! God loves the sinner and hates the sin. He comes with love to the sinner and then offers a life of transformation because His desire is that we allow the transforming power of God shape us into the character of Jesus..That is a blessing! Homosexuality will destroy a person. I have my own things in life that need changed etc, things that could destroy me, but I wouldn't dare say that those things are a "gift from God" no, they are things in this fallen world that need changed, aside from the person whom God does love totally...He sees that person in the midst of this fallen world and shows him/her how to be healed and free from the dangers in it by BY following HIS ways...He is our only hope and His ways of life are the only true and blessed ways to know love and acceptance...not the homosexual way, just to name one..
Anyway, maybe this will be taken wrong, call me narrow minded, but it's true...God is narrow minded when it comes to how we should live because HE has given us such a wonderful gift of eternal life with HIM through the free gift of His sons life, Jesus Christ. That is just basic Christianity. Honestly do people really think that we all should just think, do and live like we want with no consequences or whatever? Not everything is okay and not every or any belief system is okay..not all roads lead to heaven or God. Jesus is the only way, He is the Way the Truth and the Life..
Please ask God if this is true or not for you to show it to your heart..He will do that because He wants to more than anything!

christineaq said...

Ed Bacon stating that he believes "being gay is a gift from God" is very misleading. People in this world who embrace a homosexual lifestyle are seeking love and acceptance. We all are. God is the ultimate One who can provide that and He would not "okay" or say it is a gift, if it was an idea that ends up damaging a person. A sexual abuser might make you think he loves and accepts you, but deep down he intends to hurt. Homosexuals do not INTEND to hurt their partner, but it ends up doing that to both eventually..Many will disagree with me but I believe that God created us in a heterosexual way and that is the safest way to live. God's love is for ALL, but love has guidelines that lead to health and happiness. Love from a parent is unconditional, but it doesn't stop the parent from saying "no" to dangerous things..I know many will disagree with me, but I just happen to believe the Bible as true and the only way to really find the true love and life we were to created to can't be found in experimenting in whatever way we "feel is good" for ourselves..I do pray that anyone who is upset with this blog, will just ask God honestly to show him/her in their own hearts what the truth is. He will do that for the sincere...Thank you for your time..

christineaq said...

Ed Bacon recently stating that he believes that being gay is a "gift from God" is one example of how deceived we as a nation have become. God loves and accepts us just as we are without condemnation, but we must accept Him in order to have the gift of peace with Him in eternity. As we accept His life for ours, we agree with Him and His ways. After all, He created us, don't you think he knows how we would work best in life? We are not equipped to know and do what's best for us because we are a fallen people. That's why God sent His son to this world to save us from our own destruction. That gift is free, it's by grace..but it did cost Jesus his own life. I do hope that all people groups out there, homosexuals and all the rest would ask God to show themselves the truth about life and where the erroneous ideas show them the right path, because not all roads or ideas lead to God. No there really is one way and Jesus is it. Please search your own heart on these matters, God will reveal His truth to you if you really do want to know...God bless you in your search of Him.

HISway said...

if G-D is LOVE HE would give us guidelines for LIFE and HE did one man one woman even from the beginning HE truly LOVES Us and has shown Us the Way the Truth and the LIFE but we must surrender to HIS will for Us in order to recieve the blessings HE intended in this LIFE and the LIFE to come JESUS (YESHUA) is Salvation to all who do the will of HIS FATHER to accept homosexuality is living in satan's playground to destroy the LIFE that G-D gave and ends in death