Saturday, September 20, 2008

Prop 8 Opponents Planning Weekend of Activities

This weekend, thousands of volunteers throughout California, will be working to defeat Proposition 8, taking their message directly to the voters. Local committees from Sonoma to San Diego, from San Francisco to Bakersfield will be organizing volunteers to staff phone banks, waive signs and talk to their neighbors to highlight the growing coalition of Californians who don't want to eliminate rights for anyone.
In Los Angeles, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa will attend a No on 8 Rally, in Palm Spring residents will line six key traffic sites waving signs and talking to those on the sidewalk. In dozens of cities people will be staffing phone banks to get the message out, in others faith leaders will be talking to their parishioners while other volunteers table at community events.
Everywhere, volunteers against 8 will be reaching out in their local communities to urge their neighbors, friends and co-workers to Vote No in November.
"The volunteer activity in our campaign has been incredible from the very beginning," said Steve Smith, consultant to the No on 8 Campaign. "I've worked in dozens of political campaigns and I've never seen so many individuals and so many different groups willing to help us get our message out. The turnout this weekend will be phenomenal...and will let folks from throughout California know how many people are urging them to Vote NO on 8."
Local No on 8 coalitions include women's groups, civil rights groups, the LGBT community, faith leaders, labor union members, teachers, Democrats, Republicans and Independents. They will all be working throughout the weekend to urge voters to VOTE NO on Proposition 8.


Unknown said...

These supporting Prop. 8 are also onthe phone this weekend. I got a call on my CELL phone this morning!

A guy named Trevor was doing a "survey" and wondered if I had head about Proposition 8. I saidi yes, and he asked if I was "in favor of bringing back traditional marriage."

I said I was "very much in favor of traditional marriage, if by that (he) meant the Biblical model of one man and as many women as he could support."

He blanched.. and I let him off the hook bby saying I was 100% in support of marriage equality. He thanked me and hung up.


bestonline323 said...

"Every Californian should have the choice to marry the person they love. It’s a personal and fundamental freedom guaranteed by the California Constitution.

But this November, Californians will have an opportunity to vote on Prop. 8, a divisive measure that aims to take away this basic freedom from same-gender couples. It’s not right for California. And it’s not right for you.

Here’s what you can do to help Equality California’s NO on 8 committee defeat Prop. 8."

-- I read this and though it might be interesting. I completely agree with this.

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