Thursday, February 15, 2007

All Tanzania All The Time: Thursday February 15th

The Report of the Communion Sub-Group has been posted on ACNS. A quick read indicates it concludes that overall The Episcopal Church has responded to the Windsor Report ... our friends over at Stand Firm are NOT amused ...

[sample comment]: After their tortured efforts of portraying GC06’s raised middle finger as really being a thumbs up, this report goes on to say “We have to express our concern that other recommendations of the Windsor Report, addressed to other parts of the Communion, appear to have been ignored so far.” Poor, poor TEC. Of course, the rest of the Communion is to be held literally to the Windsor Report, but because the TEC said “awwww, we really do like the Anglican Communion” before ignoring the WR, they get a pass. I mean, this trash could have been written by Father Jake or Susan Russell.

and Daily Episcopalian offers some thoughtful review of the document and this personally-drawn conclusion:
I think this ... will be argued over pretty vehemently. As I read it, it forbids the authorization of a rite of same sex blessings, but doesn’t require a bishop to forbid his or her clergy from performing such blessings. We will see what others have to say.
And the just posted AAC (American Anglican Council) response found the report: highly inadequate in its assessment of the U.S. Episcopal Church’s response to requests made of the church by the Anglican Communion primates.
And I must admit to be VASTLY amused by the AAC's expressed dismay that [The report's] examination of the text of General Convention resolutions’ language is literal ... AND being tempted to think of a response that includes the words "hoisted by one's own petard when it comes to literalism."

Finally (on the sub-group report) I wish I thought Ruth Gledhill had her tongue in her cheek when she wrote the following but given the hell-bent-for-schism focus of her predictably non-objective commentary one concludes not: "Worryingly for a contemporary religion correspondent, I find myself in the journalistically ambivalent position of having to report that peace has broken out among Archbishops of the Anglican Church." That's what I wrote at 4.30pm. Reassuringly, half an hour later, battle has recommenced. I can now report that the unity of the Anglican Communion is once more 'hanging by a thread.' Schism looms again. Phew, what a relief. Not to mess with Ruth's relief but I'm tempted to refer her to the piece I wrote a few years back: What If They Gave A Schism and Nobody Came?
Nice quote from 815 Communication Director Bob Williams in
today's AP article by Elizabeth Kennedy: "The spirit of Anglicanism will prevail here and there will be a middle way forward,” said Jefferts Schori’s aide, Robert Williams. But he said she “will not waver in her stand for justice and inclusion of all people in the body of Christ."
Scott Gunn offers some post-press briefing reflections in the Inclusive Church blog, including: "Generally speaking, I was astonished at the overall positive tone of the report, which is available here in full text. Of course, this is somewhat expected given the moderate make-up of the group who wrote the report. More on all this later. So, for now at least, it seems that schism might be avoided, at least based on this one public indicator. I should hasten to emphasize that this was just a report, and the primates could do anything they want with it.Other news: Katharine was seated all day, and so was John Sentamu, Archbishop of York. The place of both had been questioned in some quarters, but they were in the meeting all day." Scott also has photos from Tanzania posted here.
And Caro Hall, Integrity Board member a member of the Tanzania press corps continues to file daily reports posted online at IntegrityUSA ... from today's report: "It was a quiet hot humid day around the pool, with bored journalists interviewing the conservatives and our small 'inclusive' contingent on andoff the record. In the absence of walkouts or other action from thePrimates, Davis Mac-Iyalla of Changing Attitude Nigeria has been the star of the media. our presence here is a reminder that we are not just a problem that will go away but real baptized Christians who have as much right to be included in all the sacraments and orders of the Church as our conservative brethren."

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Bruno said...

I can't help but feel fear over the blessings coments in the report. The Anglican communion via the report still wants to reign in TEC, to be aligned with those churches that would deny full inclusion to her LGBT charges.
I am blessed to be part of a great church community but I am still concerned that my bishop has promised to not take part in same sex blessings to appease those who say we are not worthy of full inclusion. Would he, if asked, tell the rector of my church to not do the blessing of union my partner and I have scheduled?
I feel as if the "communion" is being Peter instead of Paul, and what would have happened if Peter took the day in the argument to enforce purity laws?