Saturday, February 10, 2007

True Freedom

Absalom Jones

Don't miss True Freedom -- Michael Hopkins' grand Absalom Jones Day sermon over at From Glory Into Glory

Here's a quote: I dream of a day not when the world has become “colorblind.” That would be an affront to the diversity that God has created. It is not a goal worthy of God’s creation. I dream of a world, as Jesus did, where we are all friends, the kind who lay down their lives for one another, knowing and embracing their differences, celebrating their goodness, acknowledging their fallen-ness in a common seeking of the truth that will set us all free. We will then truly have become the meek whom Jesus promises will one day inherit the earth.

Amen, Michael! Amen!

PS - If you want information about the film Michael refers to in the sermon you can find it here ... it's called "Traces of the Trade" and is well worth watching for its release -- coming soon, we hope!

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