Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Petition the Archbishop of Canterbury

Jeff Martinhauk has been busy over at "Leaning Toward Justice." I commend to you both his "Open Letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury" and the petition to "End Gay Oppression" he offers.

Here's a snippet from the letter:

As the Focus of Unity for our Communion, I beg Your Grace not to appeal to irrelevant procedural issues which may or may not have been followed, nor to the red herring of possible communication difficulties in other parts of the church. Rather, I beg you, to consider those of us within your care as the Focus of Unity who are marginalized, who deserve God’s love, who are part of this great diverse Creation, and who need to hear what we have not heard directly yet: namely that God loves us, that God does not endorse violence against us, and that the way to prevent that violence is through Jesus Christ as our liberator and savior. Can the Anglican Communion be a place where all of the Body of Christ is welcome?

And here's a link to the petition.

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