Monday, February 12, 2007

Madame President

The Reverend Elizabeth Kaeton
Rector of the Parish of St. Paul's, Chatham NJ
President of the Standing Committee of the Diocese of Newark
At its meeting last week, the Standing Committee of the Diocese of Newark unanimously elected Elizabeth Kaeton+ as its president.
Quoth Madame President: I do think it's yet another schizophrenic message to the church that a lesbian can be the "ecclesiastical authority in the absence of the bishop" but the church has to "exercise restraint" in the election of LGBT people to the episcopacy.



Can we get a visit to the "Oval Office?"

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

That would be the "Ovary Office," darling, but I'd much rather have us get another manicure and pedicure together. I understand it's what all the 'power lesbians' do on their day off. We've started a trend!