Thursday, February 01, 2007

Be known to us in the breaking of the bread ... not so much

I can't believe I missed this part in my first read of George Conger's report on the upcoming Primates' Meeting: In deference to the theological divisions within the Primates’ ranks, the Cathedral service will be a choir office. A daily Eucharist will be held at 12:15 during the week, but these have been designed as optional services, as the members of the Global South coalition stated in their September communiqué from Kigali they would not break bread with the American Presiding Bishop.
And we're the ones "walking apart" because we're "abandoning traditional Anglicanism"?????
Not so much.


Jake said...

Using table fellowship as a sad.

Oh well. It's their loss.

Catherine said...

These are not true Christians who profess to know and obey a loving Lord and yet they are so arrogant as to think they are slighting our Bishop when they are really slighting God by not partaking of the bread and the cup. Truly, as Jake put sad.

How many times have they denied Christ? More than St Peter ever did.

John said...

1. There is nothing wrong with choir offices. The current prevalence of eucharist on Sunday as the principal form of our worship was not, of course, dominant as it is now at the time of Cranmer.
2. Surely, maintaining a form of worship does not constitute exclusively being Anglican when more serious issues--namely, moral issues--have caused the breach.
3. That breach was caused by ECUSA. KJS supports a position in opposition to Lambeth '98 and the historic norms for sexual behavior.
4. The Primates are not using it to 'slight' KJS but to stand where IMHO they should stand and bid her to rethink her position(s) so that she might stand on more solid ground.

Caminante said...

I don't really have any words other than it is pathetic that we can't even break bread together. (Coming after John, I have to say that I disagree quite firmly with his words.)

Marny in Maryland said...

You know, we sometimes laugh at our Evangelical/Fundamentalist brothers and sisters with their "What Would Jesus Do?" t-shirts and bracelets, but I think the Primates would do well to ask themselves that question . . .

Liz Zivanov+ said...

"The Primates are not *using* it to 'slight' KJS but to stand where IMHO they should stand..."

This is exactly the problem, John. The primates are USING something that was given to us by Jesus Christ. It's not theirs to use, let alone abuse.