Friday, February 02, 2007

A "Must See"

Absolutely do not miss "I'm Still Emily" ... a segment of the "In the Life" series broadcast on PBS and available online here.

Here's what Richard at "Caught by the Light" had to say:

"I am Emily" is a profound witness to what our children continue to have to face.Emily is a faithful Christian. Emily prayed for five years for God to make her no longer gay. Emily is 15.This is a powerful piece on what happened when she came out to her family, friends, school, community, and church in a rural town in Iowa.As a Christian priest and pastor, I ask you to watch the conversation she has with her minister. It's a study worthy of a thousand posts and a million comments ... I pray for Emily and every youth who struggles as she does with exile, even in her church that she wants to call home.

Pray without ceasing!

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Catherine said...

This was a moving tribute to how the gay young people in America are braving this not so land of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It's full of risk and God bless them for taking it. We all need to do more for young Americans like Emily. Pray without ceasing...