Friday, February 16, 2007


Happy Anniversary to Us!
[February 18, 2006]

Whereas, my beloved partner Louise and I will celebrate one year of wedded bliss on Sunday, February 18th; and
Whereas, I have the weekend off; and
Whereas, it is a BEAUTIFUL Southern California weekend;
Therefore; We are hereby leaving the Anglican Communion in the capable hands of:
et al (see right nav bar for more links)
And will be back blogging on Monday. Have a great weekend, everybody!


Anonymous said...

1 year down and a life time to go, it is an amazing journey, love and support each other every step thru it.

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo, kowabunga, and happy anniversary!!! Take a well-earned weekend OFF!

You brought a huge smile to my face!

Wormwood's Doxy said...

Susan--I wish you and your Louise a wonderfully happy first anniversary!

Jim said...

Sue-z and I wish you both a happy and blessed anniversary.


Ann said...


Darkrose said...

Congratulations, and have a very happy anniversary!

m.cellophane said...

Congratulations and thank you for your blog!

Suzer said...

Congratulations! I hope you both have a wonderful weekend. :)

Anonymous said...

"An Inch At A Time", your love shines, may every day be precious and beautiful, remember "Love is Grand", so enjoy. Happy Anniversary! You both look so happy and beautiful in that photo!
Love, "Go With God"

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Susan & Louise!

[They say, "once you've survived the first year, the rest is easy" . . . well, no they don't, but hope you're ENCOURAGED, anyway!]

And now, in the immortal lyrics of The Flintstones (set to "The William Tell Overture" aka "The Lone Ranger" *g*)

"Happy Anniversary!
Happy Anniversary!
Happy Anniversary!
Haaaaaapy Anniversary"

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!

Here's a suggestion: Now that a year has passed, why not write down a few notes of what you both remember from That Day?

A "one year later" memoir could also form the basis for your future liturgizing together. (I wish I'd thought of this when I got married!)

Enjoy your beautiful California weekend.

Josh Thomas

frharry said...

Blessings upon your house and your second year of bondedness.

So good to meet you, if ever so briefly, here in Orlando, Susan.

Harry Coverston

Dennis said...

Happy first anniversary and have a great weekend celebrating it!