Friday, February 16, 2007

All Tanzania All the Time: Thursday, February 16th

I've aready commented on on the announcement from Tanzania that seven Primates have declined to participate in eucharistic fellowship with their sister in Christ +Katharine Jefferets Schori. I particularly appreciated this comment from an email: "... thought the words they quote from the BCP were an invitation to examining one's own conscience, not an opportunity to judge other people. Silly me." Indeed!

Meanwhile, epiScope has
a digest of media commentary on our Anglican Family Feud, including an editorial from today's L.A. Times which concludes with this contextual question: What many people in the West (churchgoing or not) see as progress — tolerance for gays, equality for women, separation of church and state — is seen by many in the Islamic world as blasphemous and threatening. The question, and not just for Anglican bishops, is whether the West will maintain the courage of its convictions.

And Daily Episcopalian is pointing to The Admiral of Morality's commentary on the progress so far in Tanzania that bears referencing: With one stroke the Archbishop of Canterbury has reduced the realignment to rubble. Actions based on statements that Canterbury or the Communion countenance schism or isolation of the Episcopal Church can now clearly be viewed as nonsense. Which is exactly why the Petulant Primates' Press Release on the Eucharistic Boycott came out today -- yet-another desperate effort to "reframe" the coverage and take back the story to the one they want to be telling rather than the one that's actually unfolding.

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