Thursday, June 18, 2009

In case you missed Keith yesterday:

HRC's Joe Salomonese comments on Obama's action extending (some) federal benefits to LGBT employees:

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Katie B said...

I've always said that I could not support a politician who was using people I love as fodder in the political cannon. I just never thought that it would be so hard to assess the proper implementation of this policy. Thank you, President Obama(as she sighs).

IT said...

ALl my thoughts exhaustively presented in a series of posts at Gay Married Californian.

I am tired, exhausted to the core, and depressed beyond measure.

JayV said...

Yeah, so. the Dear Leader throws some crumbs to the LBGTs... Only after loud criticism. Who was he listening to in the first place, prior to the uproar? (And he surely knew about the DoJ action; that dept. is part of his administration). Pathetic.

Salomonese (he probably voted for Obama) is a politician, too, and in that clip with KO was way to deferential to Obama. Wealthy HRC members probably gave buckets of money to Obama's campaign, thinking there was a difference between Obama and McCain - and look what they get in return? When are they going to wake up: the Dems don't care. (There was another choice: Nader - who in all of his campaigns has called for marriage equality).

Also, you may be interested to know that Vermont Senate President Pro Tempore Peter Shumlin will be boycotting the right-of-center "DNC" fundraiser, in solidarity. He was to be honored for his role earlier this year in supporting and moving along same-sex legislation in Vermont.

Neil Houghton said...

Solmonese's reason for being behind the president was to "hear what he had to say?" No it was not. It was to get time on camera.

And on Countdown he was there as an apologist for the president. He pulls down a huge salary and uses the donations of well intentioned LGBT people for THIS?

There are son many HRC trinkets in my house I don't know where to start breaking things... and Orbitz payed so much for that commercial with the HRC logo. (Hey, Orbitz meant well, they get my business.)

BUT... it's time the leaders of our advocacy groups regrouped, reset their priorities and start from scratch.

Again I say, where DO we send our money? I'm afraid I don't think Lea Carey is too much better.

Heaven help us. Oh, now there's a thought...


I totally hear the frustration and I'm just not ready to throw out any babies with any bathwater.

As a member of the HRC Religion Council I have great respect for the work they do -- in front of the camera and behind the scenes ... which is NOT to say they always get it right.

None of us do.

I just think at this point in the history of our movement we need more coalitions, not fewer, and we need to be building bridges not blowing them up.

And Joe's mama is an Episcopalian. (I'm just sayin' ... :)

Let the dialogue continue!