Monday, June 01, 2009

Sunday's Sermon @ All Saints Church

... wherein preacher Abel Lopez declares Pentecost "The Feast of God the Disturber" and outlines why -- in the Spirit of Pentecost and God's inclusive love -- he will no longer act as an agent of the state in some marriages until he can act as an agent of the state in ALL marriages.

A few quotes:

To deny the love of a gay or lesbian person -- to say that their love is somehow different -- less revered by God -- that it somehow diminishes the love between a man and a woman ... is discrimination of the lowest form.

It has been said that he who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who perpetrates it. The discriminatory actions of the state in refusing to acknowledge the commitment and love of same gender couples are at the center of an evil system.

For some time now -- and in the spirit of God the Disturber -- I have been bothered by my participation in this injustice. That when I sign the license for a mixed gender couple I am simply reaffirming state sanctioned discrimination against same gender couples.

I choose not to participate in this discrimination any further. Going forward, I as a priest commit myself to performing sacramental blessings for mixed gender couples as well as same gender couples. But I will not perform the civil ritual of marriage -- the signing of the marriage license -- until I am able to do so for all couples equally.

A rising star, this Abel Lopez guy. Keep your eye on him! And watch the video here.

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