Wednesday, June 24, 2009

You can't make this stuff up

Well, considering that the source is David Virtue, maybe that's not the most accurate headline for this piece, but nevertheless ... here's what Katie Sherrod is reporting over at Desert's Child:

Rumors abound that Ft. Worth Bishop Jack Leo Iker's long term goal is to take his diocese to Rome. Not true. Numerous sources have told VOL that he is deeply committed to the new North American Anglican Province and he will work with his fellow bishops over the thorny issue of women's ordination.

A number of his Ft. Worth priests were recently seen at the Anglican Use conference in Houston. He has told them that if they want to go to Rome, they can do so, but they can't take their property with them.

Imagine that. One hardly does know where to begin to count the ways this is the height of absurdity ... or maybe we really are through the looking glass altogether!


Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Great minds, Susan. I posted a very similar headline and posting at 6:30 this morning before I went off to Mass. It's absolutely unbelievable, but as you point out, the source is . . . impeccable ;~D

Where's Alice?

Jim said...

As I noted on Elizabeth's post,there are actually two Dennis Canons. One is the good canon Bp. Iker enforces on his clergy and congregations. The other is the bad one TEC enforces on poor, beleaguered, good bishops. ;-)