Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Meanwhile, in New York ...

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New York governor David Paterson placed the marriage equality bill at the top of the list of items for senators to consider in a special session called for Wednesday, reports the New York Daily News. However, the fate of the bill remains anything but certain as chaos continues to reign in the chamber, where a protracted leadership struggle has upended business since June 8.

On Tuesday afternoon, the special senate called by the governor broke down as Democrats and Republicans, who include one Democratic defector, held separate sessions -- at the same time. Different sets of bills were voted on, according to The New York Times, with each side claiming the other voted yes to its proposals by not voicing its opposition.

By Wednesday morning, there were no indications that the two sides had resolved their differences, or that the day's special session would proceed more smoothly. Sources tell that amidst this scenario, if a same-sex marriage bill were to be passed, its legitimacy would almost surely face a legal challenge.

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