Saturday, June 06, 2009

Q & A


. Does anybody -- ANYBODY -- actually think that if we'd waited until the House of Bishops "finished doing the theology" on women's ordination before we started ordaining women that we'd have any ordained women YET in The Episcopal Church?

A. (PSSST! It's a rhetorical question.)


Muthah+ said...

Agreed! I spent an inordinate amount of time working with my congregation on the Lutheran Statement on Human Sexuality only for it to come out with "We don't have a consensus". So what's new? There hasn't been a consensus in 2000 years of Christian history!

But in our Synod, they are more concerned that I am Episcopalian than they are that I am queer.

Jim said...

It is clear and obvious what the strategy is for GC. Guess what, we cannot move to get rid of B033 because the star chamber committee of elite bishops has not reported. In short it is a sell out.

OK, I will say it, Katherine Jefferts Shori is quite willing to leave other people, like oh, lesbians and gays in her "crucified place" to keep her ticket to Lambeth palace punched. I suppose it is no worse than the ABC working his passage with his disloyalty to Jeffery John.

There is an answer to this, if the Deputies have the guts. Simply refuse to pass ANYTHING including the election of a president or any pending consents unless and until the bishops find some spine, kill the secret committee and pass a repeal of B033 with an apology to the lbgt clergy they harmed.