Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It was an eclectic day ...

Today was a real "Heinz 57" kind of day.

It's a birthday for me, so I enjoyed lots of good wishes and nice notes from fun people from all over different parts of my life. (Thanks, everybody!) And I still have dinner out with my sweetie to look forward to.

There was the regular kind of stuff like conference calls, communication meetings, finishing up details for EfM graduation and a memorial service on Saturday and -- oh yeah -- editing scripts for YouTube segments for IntegriTV.

Then Oprah re-ran Ed Bacon's "gay is a gift from God" segment on her TV show today so I spent some time answering phone calls and emails about THAT all over again. (Note to Oprah: A "heads up" next time would be nice! Thanks!)

And then I started an archelogical dig through old General Convention files ... looking for one particular piece I never DID find ... but found some other treasures instead.

  • How about this ENS archives piece from the LAST time General Convention met in Anaheim -- 1985!
  • Or this piece from Soulforce when they showed up in Denver to picket us?
  • But best of all were the pictures ... so here's my birthday present to YOU all ... a little walk down Memory Lane of the Ghosts of General Conventions past ... starting with the All Saints, Pasadena booth in the 1985 Anaheim Convention Center Exhibit Hall:


    Elizabeth Kaeton said...

    HAPPY, HAPPY Birthday, Baby! You get better with every passing year!

    Word verification: "skyhoide".

    Well, and there it is, then.

    Jim said...

    Happy Birthday!


    BJ said...

    Happy Birthday (a day late now). And thanks for the walk down memory lane through convention photos -- the times, they are a-changin', aren't they?