Tuesday, July 22, 2008

He wasn't banned from Gafcon*, but ...

... the security guards at the cathedral in Canterbury were on the alert for him on Sunday morning!

[Bishop Robinson] was finally allowed on to site yesterday, although he was absent from the Sunday service at Canterbury cathedral. He was there in spirit, however, in the form of an A4 mugshot that was left with security guards who were presumably instructed to stop him from storming up the aisle.


David said...

is it possible that this 'insult of the wanted poster' shows just how little the Lambeth organizers know their fellow bishop, our dear brother +Gene.

might it not also suggest something close to a delusional state: ie believing their own press?

all this noise and petty nastiness only stands proof that 'something' indeed is happening, and retorting to the Scriptural promise that' by their fruits ye shall know them' it would appear that from the effects oon our LGBT lives of faith it's the Holy Spirit at work here. so much healing, so many radiant LGBT lives forgiving & giving the Church a second chance.

as i was reminded last night after reading ++RW's shameful reply to Jim's question, it's transformation we're undergoing, and that's all of us- so it takes time for it to be real in the hearts of humanity.

thank-you Susan+, the intrepid Katie, Louise and all the gang at St. Stephen's Hall for keeping us in the loop. you're doing a magnificent job for us, and i have no doubt Anglican LGBT folk around the world are in your debt.


David |Däˈvēd| said...

As I read this my thoughts echoed those of David. They know not this man.

+Gene has always modeled the epitome of being a gentleman. To my knowledge he has never been guilty of the sort of behavior for which they are prepared.

My fear for him is that this is going to fly back in all of their faces when one overzealous individual tackles him by mistake in an area where he is allowed to venture and, God forbid, his security team reacts back.
BTW, he does have a security team, right? They are not apparent in the fotos is why I ask.
I can say for this Mexican Anglican, thank you all for this service you accomplish for us! We are in your debt.

Sue said...

Sorry Susan, all I can say is "Un-freakin'-believable".

And this is the body of Christ? Banning the very people that Christ called us to bring into justice. Jesus always headed to the margins and ministered to those most in need of his grace.

It's hard to know at times whether to laugh (rather cynically, I'm afraid) or to cry. Mostly, the sheer hatred of that poster just makes me terribly sad.