Monday, July 14, 2008

More on +Gene, Gandolf and "For the Bible Tells Me So"

So "Blogger" was having hiccups posting photos and I gave up and went to bed ... but we're in Canterbury now and all seems to be well, so here's what I couldn't get "up" last night:

Check out both Gene & Gandolf and A Late Night with Ian McKellen on Episcopal Cafe and Katie Sherrod's reflections on Walking With Integrity for more details on the great night last night in London.

Here are the snaps of me meeting Sir Ian in the lobby after the event [photo credit goes to the Reverend Dr. Cynthia Black]:

"Charmed, I'm sure!"

Comparing black & white ensembles!

Other UK press of note included:
Giles Fraser in today's Guardian: Here's to you, Mr. Robinson
Also in The Guardian a profile of Rowan Williams: "Beset by liberals, hounded by conservatives, Williams needs a miracle to keep church intact"
More from Canterbury soon!


Andy said...

It's "Gandalf."

bergerd said...

Per the Harvard Lampoon, it's "Goodgulf Greyteeth." (Bored of the Rings)