Thursday, July 10, 2008

It has begun ...

Press reports starting to roll in from across the pond ... this one from the London Telegraph:

US Anglican leader Katherine Jefferts Schori wades into women bishop row
In a rare British interview, she accused the Church of England of taking far too long to modernise, just days after its governing body voted to ordain women as bishops with no compromise measures for traditionalists.

And she dismissed the threat of orthodox Anglicans who are planning to create a rival structure to her church because of its liberal stance on homosexuality.
Read the rest here ... and three cheers for the PB!


Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Isnt' it amazing how the neo-Puritan Bullies get stuck on the particular perspectives of photojournalists? Nothing substantive, just the insignificant details.


Ann said...

Jim Naughton comments on the Telegraph's spinning a non-story here