Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Press Advisory -- 16 July 2008


CANTERBURY, UK—Changing Attitude UK and IntegrityUSA will co-sponsor an outdoor celebration of the Holy Eucharist on Sunday, July 20th, 2:30 pm BST, at Beverly Meadow (also known as St. Stephen’s Field) in Canterbury. A map is attached.

The Rev’d. Colin Coward, Director of Changing Attitude UK, will preside. The Rev’d. Susan Russell, President of IntegrityUSA, will preach. The Rt. Rev’d. Gene Robinson, Bishop of New Hampshire, will attend with several other American bishops. All are welcome.

Both Changing Attitude UK and IntegrityUSA will offer prayers that the worldwide Anglican Communion will soon fully accept, include, welcome, and offer equality to the LGBT faithful.

Members of the media must check in at the press table at the entrance to the meadow. Colin Coward, Susan Russell, and some American bishops will be made available for interviews and comments following the service.


Press contact in the UK:
Louise Brooks, Press Officer, +44 (0)7503 695 579,

Press contact in the USA:
Jan Adams, Field Organizer, +1-415-378-2050,


JCF said...

The Rev’d. Colin Coward, Director of Changing Attitude UK, will preside.

Got that, rumor-mongering conspiracy freaks? ;-/

schorisacharlatan said...

First, let me state that given the predelection for bloggers like yourself to smear and slander others, I'm making a screen cap of my posting, with a time stamp. Don't want the content of my comment being edited by those who find the truth, and free expression of others inconvenient.

I have to say, whatever god it is you worship, it doesn't seem to fill you with the love you make a show of professing. The church isn't a private club, and it's members are real human beings, with real human rights.. unfortunately, extremists like yourself do not respect the rights of others. You foolishly believe you can preserve your own rights, while trampling on the rights of others. You're motivated by hatred and bitterness and it shows. What you will achieve, is the undermining of your own rights, because you are establishing a precedent that others down the line will be able to cite.

History is full of examples of those like you who didn't mind oppressing others, but who were shocked to find that when their turn came, there was no one left to speak out for them.. because your sort are the good nazis who helped imprison and destroy them.

Let's think about something other than your petty ego, shall we? I'm sure you've read about the ABoC's recent emission to the Islamacists, about how offensive Christianity is to Muslims. Considering how offensive what you represent, is to Muslims, please share your opinion of Williams kowtowing to that prejudice, and the realities present in the Muslim world for gays and lesbians? Please emit your opinion of what will be the upshot of Williams, and some in the British government, a highly placed judge and the Prince of Wales himself supporting the inclusion of Sharia law in the UK.

I'd also appreciate your addressing the death threats against The Bishop of Rochester, the Reverend Michel Nazir-Ali, as well as many Muslims (including women) who have converted to Christianity in the UK, and now face threats of death, the loss of their children, their homes and any ability to feel safe.

Since you make quite a meal of inclusiveness, and people having a "choice", you shouldn't have a problem respecting the choices of others that differ from you.. after all, isn't it a fact that you would resent the expectation that you conform to the expectations of others? Try something a bit different than your usual propaganda, a little honesty wouldn't hurt you, now would it?

Unknown said...

Would someone please explain what that (long) post is addressing, because it doesn't seem to have anything at all to do with the article it purportedly commented on or, for that matter, this blog?


john ... it's a "consider the source" comment which I chose to "moderate up" as an example of the kind of "stuff" that's out there.

No suprise that someone who's log-in name is "schori is a charlatan" would beg to differ with the opinions presented on this blog.

And, just for the record and for commenters going forward, comments on posted articles or opinions are happily received.

"Instructions" that I write about one thing or the other or not so much.

Unknown said...

Must be an epidemic of "mad Primitive disease" in the UK this month.