Saturday, July 05, 2008

Playing Catch up ...

So the laundry's humming away, the ironing is done and I'm taking a break from the details-of-life to get some pictures and links posted up from +Gene's visit to All Saints last weekend.

Here we are at the Friday night dinner ... a "not so candid shot" with Serigo Carranza, the Bishop Assistant of Los Angeles and Jim White, the chair of our diocesan GC deputation.

Getting "prayed in" to worship on Sunday morning ...

... and shaking hands after a great sermon: "What I did for love" .

Speaking in the Rector's Forum ... "In the Eye of the Storm" ...

... to a packed house ...

... and signing books after.

Finally, since there was so much "energy" about the shoes +Gene wore for his civil union, I thought folks might like this peek at his socks, too:

And now, back to laundryland!


Jim said...

I can hardly wait to read about his sox. The crud they go ballistic over is amazing.


Fran said...

That man is such an inspiration to me... to all of us, right?

And yes, I am sure his socks like all other non-essentials will be viewed with disdain by some.

I just know that I am grateful to live in a world in which he exists.

Right now my connection is funky, I will watch that sermon video later. I had posted that other video of him on my blog- the you tube that Elizabeth Kaeton has on her sidebar.

Even from my kind of anti-religious,sometimes anti-clerical portion of readers were just so moved if they bothered to watch it.

Jan said...

Wish I could have been there, too.