Saturday, July 12, 2008

"On the Road to Lambeth Conference:" Day One

Just a few pictures from our first day here in Jolly Olde:

Here's the view from the window of our hotel in London, where we'll be for a couple of days before heading to Canterbury for "the duration."

It is perfectly situated directly across from an underground station -- which has uncooperatively been closed for repairs ... (see also: "best laid plans.")

Not to worry ... the buses still run and on a quick bus tour around the city this morning we snapped this street sign just outside Lambeth Palace. (No, we didn't stop by to "say hey" ... figured they were too busy for drop in company at this point!)

We did, however, "drop in" on the Vicar of Putney ... our friend Giles Fraser ... who gave us a tour of his fabulous parish (where +Gene will be preaching tomorrow evening).
And how seredipitous was it that as we got Giles together with Louise and Jim Naughton (of Diocese of Washington/Episcopal Cafe fame) together for a "candid shot" this spectacular rainbow arched its way right over their heads.
Make of it what you will ... we're taking it for a sign of good things to come! (The end of the deluge is in sight, perhaps?)

Finally, after a lovely supper on the Putney High Street, we did want to set the record straight: this is NOT our solution to our Underground stop being out of commission NOR is it the transportation of choice for the Bishop of New Hampshire -- but it certainly was an odd thing to spy on Putney High Street!

More later.


Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Okay, I'm seeing jackets and shirts - so I'm getting a better sense how to pack for this trip. Layers. I wasn't going to bring a jacket but now will. Oh, and shoes. Right.

Glad you landed safely. My love to Louise and Jim and Giles - and +Gene, when you see him.

FranIAm said...

The rainbow- you could not have made that one up!


Caminante said...

Ah, give my regards to London town. My father lived there for three years when I was in college and just after graduation and I would go spend all my free time there so you're in my old stomping grounds. If you make up to Regent's Park, he lived nearby and I used to love to go over to the Queen Mary rose garden. Anyway, enjoy.

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