Sunday, July 27, 2008

NOT so breaking news from the Lambeth Conference

As reported in The Anglican Journal:

Robinson will not be asked to resign by presiding bishop

There ... now you can all sleep tonight without worrying about THAT one!

(Stay tuned to this site for more news as it happens -- or not -- from Canterbury!)


Kirkepiscatoid said...

Well, boy, howdy, that news is right up there with "fire is hot" and "rain is wet." (Kirkepiscatoid rolls eyes, lets out big sigh.)

WilliamK said...

You're right, this really was "non-news".... but, I do wish Bishop Katharine (whom I greatly respect) had not sounded so much like a politician in answering the question: it would “not be in my purview” to ask Bishop Gene to resign! So, if it were "in her purview" she would ask him to resign???? I doubt it.

David said...

I love the pic of ++Katherine
What an articulate, intelligent skillful gift she is to the Church!

Incredibly in the same article Bishop Deng Bul is quoted as saying
'(same-sex relations) is not what’s found in the Bible'

neither is a world that's round
neither are telephones, satelites, computers or the scourge of AIDS
would he have us boycott these too?

and then of course there's also all the thins in the Bible the Bishop and his brothers, none too gracious sidestep in the rush to make their point.

as with most of their arguments I find this verging on ridiculous, and wonder how they even dare suggest this as grounds for anything.

Thanks Susan+


Mr. Clark said...

The folks on the "outside" will, I pray, begin to understand the polity Episcopal Church, USA ... Come on! since when CAN a PB "tell" a duly elected Bishop of a diocese of EPUSA to resign? Good News, indeed; better news when folks "get it" ...