Wednesday, July 02, 2008

With friends like this ...

... who's got time to worry about your enemies?

Mugabe condemns Williams and sides with anti-gay Anglicans

President Robert Mugabe has condemned Archbishop Rowan Williams as lacking a "moral compass" and said that gays in the church are a sign of "moral degeneracy."

Read the rest here ... curiouser and curiouser!


FranIAm said...

Lacking a moral compass? Really now.

I suspect that he should know.

David said...

Coming from one drenched in the blood of the nation he is supposed to be serving; responsible for nothing short of a reign of terror; this could almost be construed as a compliment for ++Rowan. He must be doing something right if he's getting to the likes of Mugabe.

'Moral' and 'moral compass' sound almost like epithets on the lips of this man (Mugabe).


Jim said...

We Rom and our Jewish friends will recognize this tactic. If things go badly, if your hands are bloody, blame the Jews and the Gypsies. If you have a shortage of Gypsies and the Jews are armed, blame the gays.

This really is the first complement I have seen given to Dr. Williams for quite some time.


john said...

Being accused of lacking a moral compass by Robert Mugabe is like being called ugly by a frog.

Bateau Master said...

Now now ..... tossing a friend, revolutionary, and freedom fighter like Mugabee aside when he shows his real colours is so unseemly.

The one we toasted in 1980 is now just a homophobic bigot. I guess it's lucky Che didn't sour before our eyes.

Pete said...

Another variation of the old "Argumentum ad Hitlerum."

Godwin's Law is proven again.

john said...

Another variation of the old "Argumentum ad Hitlerum."

Sometimes, the truth hurts.