Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Turn out the light, the party's over ...

... at Jake's Place.

Our friend and brother blogger, Fr. Jake, is hanging it up.

The blog, that is. For now.
In a post entitled "Last Words" "Jake" explains his decision to turn out the lights at Jake's Place, in summary: We've got some great conversations just waiting to happen beyond the walls of the Church. For me, at least, I think it is time to end this focus on internal squabbles, and begin to look outward.
But before the lights go out, here are a few more of Jake's parting words of wisdom ...

The Gafconites represent a desperate last gasp of a dying world view. It is difficult to find anyone under the age of forty who have any interest in their peculiar reading of scripture or the tradition, which they then use to justify bigotry in the name of God.

This is much ado about nothing, it seems to me. Fifty years from now, our descendents will look back on all of this and shake their heads in disbelief. The debate about women and gays as equals to everyone else in the kingdom of God will be a footnote along with earlier debates about racial equality.

This current debate is drawing to a close, it seems to me. Thanks be to God. I find little energy left to continue it. It is past time that we cease our inward focus. Our audience should be those outside the walls of the Church, who could care less about these debates. We've allowed ourselves to be distracted for too long. And our witness to the world has suffered as a result.
We'll miss you, Jake! Go in peace ... and keep in touch!

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