Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Links from Lambeth

Before I head up the hill for another wander-about the campus and a chance to get last minute details in order for our preview of "Voices of Witness: Africa" I thought I'd post up these links to some sites with interesting pieces on what's up here Canterbury.

First of all, don't miss today's "Gene Pool" video ... an interview with +Gene just before last Sunday's Changing Attitude/Integrity Eucharist.
DO check out the ENS story on the Sudanese Primate's press conference yesterday ... which includes a video of the whole Q&A with the press. (Listen to the end where the Archbishop assures the questioner his intent is not to exclude anybody ... just to keep Gene Robinson out.)
A few folks have emailed or commented wanting to hear the sermon from Sunday at the Changing Attitude/Integrity Eucharist. There's not a direct link (that I can figure out) but ENS has it online ... go to their Multimedia pages which are sorted by date. Our service is on 7/20/08 and entitled "Susan Russell preaches ..."
On the ground here in Canterbury, we've been dealing with vandalised newsstands for our Lambeth Witnesss newsletter this morning ... info on that over at Walking With Integrity.
Finally, not to be missed is Jim Naughton's reflection on Episcopal Cafe today ... TEC-Sudan Relations: What happens now?


Nathan Empsall said...

I live in New Hampshire. If the the Rt. Rev. Deng Bul's intent is to exclude our bishop, then his intent is to exclude me. He may not be malicious or bitter about it, but it is what it is. End of story.

I will pray for your newsletter distribution and for the vandals. :(

Rick+ said...

Dear Susan,

Thank you for your blog and all you're doing.

Probably out of wisdom, Gene has chosen not to allow comments on his blog site. How would you recommend we get messages of support to him? My heart tells me he needs our prayers, but he also needs our words and our stories. Should we just E-mail the New Hampshire diocese? It breaks my heart to see his pain in his writing and videos.

Lapinbizarre said...

Susan, FYI you've come in for a particularly unpleasant attack from someone posting as "Jenny" on Ruth Gledhill's "Gene must resign, US church must go" thread. More than usually dirty-minded crap, and an obvious troll. Roger

"I see Susan Russell posting here, the one who views Africans as useful props to exploit. She's rather like those who are referred to as chicken hawks, pimping out children to make a profit.

"She should spend some time humbling herself and examining her motives. I dare say that when she tries to cast aspercions, she should remember that for the one finger she points away, four remain pointing back at herself."

Posted by: Jenny | 23 Jul 2008 02:22:52

She also posted this, also on a Gledhill thread, floating the "I am a liberal but enough is enough" smokescreen" a little earlier:

"As a liberal, who in the past supported gay rights, I am offended that those who would stand to defend their rights, yet turn around and demand the rights of others be violated is hypocrisy in the extreme. The gay community has allowed extremists to take over their movement, hatemongers who demand that others be forced to think and believe as they dictate them to. That's not freedom, it's not equality, it's corrupt policy by corrupt minds.

Posted by: Jenny | 22 Jul 2008 19:40:30 "

Nathan Empsall said...

Rick+, +Gene's e-mail is publicly available on the Diocesan staff page and elsewhere. I know from personal experience that he checks it, so while I wouldn't expect personal replies at this busy time, you can at least know he recieved the support. It is

john said...

Vandalizing newsletter stands; how puerile!

How much more evidence to the Primitives have to proffer that they have no interest whatsoever in "walking with" anyone who doesn't toe their line?

Erika Baker said...

comments are enabled on the GenePool site

Jim said...

It seems to me that the AB is saying exactly what NT Wright says the Windsor disaster meant. He is merely saying it straight out. If we do not like that, and I do not, it is time to ask ourselves if we need to remember we helped start the WWAC and we can do it again.


Jim said...

Hooray! Vandalism! Yee Haw! Finally, some excitement. Keep us posted. Pictures of the vandals will be welcomed. Hopefully flogging and severe trouncing will follow. Damn, I knew I should have come.

Miss you,

BobinSWPA said...

I don't know how you all do it, Integrity, +Gene, CA, ect...
I live in Pittsburgh and cringe everytime I have to go to diocesan events (lay delegate for a non-network parish). My stomach takes a turn for the worst and my blood pressure sky rockets. I can't imagine how you all make it through the hours nevertheless through a day, a week, months and years.

My heartfelt appreciation and prayers for all you do!

As for the nice Sudanese Archbishop, I can't understand why they're so worried about what we do. This is a country involved in a nasty civil war where hundreds of thousands have been killed. You'd think he'd have more pressing issues.