Saturday, October 11, 2008

All things work together for good ...

... for those who love and serve the Lord.
Romans 8:28

Here's a very contemporary (today!) illustration of that eternal truth:

This morning I received the following email:

Rev. Susan Russell,

I found your name in this article and then looked up your contact information on the church website. Because you appear to be very involved in the No On Prop 8 campaign, I was hoping you might be able to help me with a problem we are having. Right now, ordering signs from the website, they won't even ship until October 20th, which is a lot of days without signs to battle the "Yes" signs I am seeing in the neighborhood. Are you aware of any local source where we can just walk in and buy No signs?

Thank you,


I replied:

Dear Jane,

I got mine at the local Democratic party headquarters. But there's also a No on 8 center in Silverlake and one in West Hollywood



"Jane" replied (nine minutes later!):

Great! I contacted the Silverlake office and they said they have them in stock. I'm on my way! :)


So there you have it ... one small yard sign toward marriage equality ...

... and one large illustration of how things intended for evil can be used for good.
For who wrote the "article" that inspired Jane to search for my email address, contact me and get hooked up with a "No on 8" yard sign? None other than David Virtue -- his latest pseudo-news report: "Episcopal Lesbian Priest in Desperate Plea to Deep Six Proposition 8."
So thanks, David. Thanks, Jane. And thanks EVERYONE working to [a] love and serve the Lord and [b] preserve marraige for all in California!

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