Friday, October 17, 2008

Because it IS personal!

Actress and gay-rights activist Ellen DeGeneres has filmed a 30-second ad urging people to vote against Proposition 8, the gay marriage ban, and will be paying for the ad to air, the No on 8 campaign announced on Friday. The YouTube postings of her video have already been viewed roughly 80,000 times.Eddie Fernandez of the No on 8 campaign said DeGeneres is starting by purchasing $100,000 in air time for the ad.

Make it 80,001 ... Here's the commercial Ellen is soon-to-launch to help defeat Propostion 8:

Go, Ellen!


Elizabeth Kaeton said...

You know, Susan, my head hurts - but not from all these ads. Rather, my head hurts from banging it up against all my own stereotypes of the "liberalness" of California.

I simply can't believe this is happening where you live. Maybe it's an "East Coast" thing to assume that "all" Californians are way ahead of us in the "liberty and justice for all" department.

Thanks for all the work you're doing. It's important stuff.

I can't imagine how your head must be hurting. After Prop 8 goes down in defeat on November 4th, we'll have to have a drink.

You deserve it.


As a native Californian, I've just got three things to say:

Orange County

Ronald Reagan

Proposition 22

Californians is no more a monolith of crunch granola fruit & nut liberals than your hood is a monolith of the Ivy League liberal elite.

And ...

I'm convinced we're going to pull this one out (Nov 5th is soon enough to be depressed if we don't!) and in the meantime I'm asking everyone I know to cut some slack on every OTHER deadline I miss, conference call I don't make it to or thank you note that doesn't get written.

(See you in Chicago!)