Thursday, October 16, 2008

Here's what we're up against here in California ...

They've named it "TheCall California" ... and here's a look at what they're preaching as they fundraise, network, phonebank and advertise to eliminate the right for same sex couples to marry in California:

It's impossible to watch this and not recognize that Christianity not only has been but CONTINUES to be a primary contributor to the problem of the oppression of LGBT people.
It has therefore never been more important for us to speak up AS Christians and be part of the solution -- by working to deafeat Proposition 8.


SCG said...


Yikes and yuck! Yes, Christ's message is routinely used and abused to smack us about the head. Worse, "revivals" such as this one help to set up the stumbling blocks to prevent LGBT people from discovering a relationship with a God who loves them as they are.
Keep putting your voice out there. Perhaps queer people of faith who blog ought to do a blogging blitz on November First to counter this so-called "call".

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Holy Moley!

I thought the video I put up on my blog this morning re: Obama was an embarrassment.

This. . .THIS .. . well, leaves me asking, "Am I in America?"


Yep, this is what they call "Scary S--t!!"

I'm thinking it's what we need to be forwarding to our "moderate" friends who need a wake up call about the forces of religious extremism driving the Yes on 8 campaign.

Amie said...

One can only hope and pray that this will work to turn off the moderates who are undecided. I know if I were a moderate I would be disgusted by it.

The gall of these people. But they do have it right - to some extent it is a battle of darkness and light. The darkness being their need to rigidly control everything and quell the message of God's unconditional love for all.

Actually the tone is very scary. To think they would go this far maybe means they feel they are losing the battle.

Love and Prayers,
Ann Marie

uffda51 said...

I guess the point of the frenzy, anger and hysteria of the presentation is to cover up the lack of substance in their argument. It's a bit like being at a Sarah Palin rally. Frightening.

Paul Powers said...

This ad seems incredibly over the top, and at 2.25 minutes must be awfully expensive to air on TV. Any chance it's a hoax?


It's not an ad and it's NOT a hoax. It's on the website linked in the blog post ... "TheCall California" ... which outlines the schedule for the Qualcomm Stadium event planned for the weekend before the Nov. 4th election ...