Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's getting ugly out there ...

At St. John's Cathedral yesterday, the "No on 8" banner out in the front of the church was still hanging, but shredded by knife slashes.

At a gas station in Orange County yesterday, the husband of an All Saints colleague was (in his words) "acosted" in response to his "No on 8" bumper sticker.

In an email just received from the No on Prop 8 campaign we get this word:

Beginning last night and continuing this morning a coordinated cyber attack on the No On 8 website prevented some donors from being able to contribute. This attack is being investigated by federal authorities. Fortunately, there was no breach in security and we are again able to accept contributions online.

And now there's this video circulating ... where a Yes on 8 spokesperson compares Hitler and Nazi Germany to "rally his troops."

Where does it stop?
It stops on November 4th with a NO ON 8 vote in California and a renewed commitment by ALL Americans to liberty and justice for all -- not just some -- Americans.


Unknown said...

These people are another example of why I have SO much trouble turning the other cheek.

Fran said...

This strikes terror into my heart! Who are these people? Who can talk that way? Who can cheer for him?

As John says in the first comment, this does make turning the cheek and loving the enemy a real challenge.

I have donated everything my unemployed self can at this point. I have blogged my heart out and hopefully that has nudged a few coins out of others.

This is so wrong.

IT said...

I just spent the last 20 minutes washing glitter glue off the back of my car. Someone squirted it with glitter glue in the parking garage.

COuldn't be because I have a no-on-8 sticker on the car, could it?

NO, nothing like that....


SCG said...

Well, these folks would know about Hitler. Certainly, singling out one group of people as the "cause" of all things "bad" in the world sounds suspiciously like the Fuhrer, doesn't it!
It is frightening. And certainly they are a frightened group of people, those "Yes" folks.
Wipe the glitter glue off the car. Put up another sign. But my hope for all of you in CA is that you will be physically safe...and that you will prevail on Nov. 4.

Susan in FL