Monday, October 06, 2008

Here's a view from "the other side" ...

... this is the guy I'm up against tomorrow morning on local L.A. TV ...

... Oy vey!


Mustard said...

Interesting. He misinforms people by saying that religious groups/clergy will be required to perform ss marriages. EQCA says this is incorrect. BTW, his blog is also interesting. You can enter your yes/no "vote". I think I'll go there now and vote "no".
His blog: The VBlog Forum

And see the Equality California site that answers questions about ssm in California and disputes his claims.


Kirkepiscatoid said...

Susan, go give this dude an education. I have yet to figure out how any of these things threaten me as a straight person, nor do I see where the Bible threatens people to have and rear children. Not to mention there are plenty of kids out there that their straight parents haven't done such a great job parenting, and plenty of kids who need loving parents to adopt them and I doubt they are going to care much about the combinations of parents as long as they are loved. These "marriage first" people wear me slick....

JCF said...

"this is the guy I'm up against"

Um, remember, Susan: we contend NOT against flesh and blood, but against Principalities&Powers.

Our brother here clearly has some demonic ignorance about him. In love---for him---cast it out!

Lindy said...

Go, Susan, go!

RENZ said...

First time poster here, Susan, I'm a gay Deacon in the Diocese of Northern Michigan - part of the last crew that Jim Kelsey commissioned before he was killed.
I came to Marquette from Chicago 10 years ago (there I was a proud member of All Saints Chicago with Bonnie Perry as my rector).

Keep up the fight!

Peace and Love
Larry Shell

PS - found your site from Mad Priest's blog.

Br. Jack+, LC said...

Look at it as a way of seeing. To me, whether one agrees or not, if social justice issues are involved, then Christians everywhere need to stand up and speak to the ruling powers.

Also, remember, this person, like all people, has the light of God buried deepest in him. Look for Christ in him. Remember our Baptismal Covenant:

With God's help, seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving your neighbor as yourself.

With God's help, strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human being.

I'll be praying for you and him.

Peace be with you.


KateLewis said...

Oy vey is right. The misinformation and sumgness is painful. You'll bring the light, like you always do. Would you be sure to post the link for the event tomorrow?
A pax upon your house!

Kay & Sarah said...

This guy is a condescending shmuck!!

You will do great. Shine the light of truth on him.

Thanks for all you do.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Susan, you are the reigning Queen of the Soundbite. Not to worry, bubbie. You can kick his butt from oy all the way to vey. Please do send us the "Film at 11."

Jim said...

I am confident you will kick his smug butt. He flat lies in the clip, making that clear should begin to deflate his idiot puffery.


Dan Beavers said...


My prayers are with you. I couldn't listen to the enire piece.

Thank you for representing us.


Ellie Finlay said...

Good grief. People like this really do unsavory things to my blood pressure.

You know something else? Marriage between a man and a woman after menopause "doesn't work" either. I'd like to see them outlaw that.


Bev Straight said...

Two times I attempted to view this video in its' entirety and just couldn't do it. One of my friends went through "de-dyke-ing" ministry classes and I am saddened by the damage done in Gods' name. The person talking on the video resembles in expression and body language one of the gay men who claimed to been made heterosexual. The thinking seems to be that we need to put gay people in heterosexual marriages to prove they are cured. What destruction to so many people. . especially the children.
Keep on shining!