Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New "No on 8" Commercial

This is the TV ad that's ready to hit the airwaves -- and the one that the focus groups tell us actually WILL "move the middle."

What it takes now is $$$$$$$$$$ to buy the airtime to get the word out.

I don't know about you, but I don't have anything left to give. And I just gave another $50.

Because here's the deal:

On November 5th, the rest of the world will still need saving -- but if we work together between now and November 4th we can see to it that California ends up on the right side of history in the struggle for marriage equality.

Join me. Click here to donate. Do it now. It's the right thing to do and NOW is the time to do it!


janinsanfran said...

Good truthful ad! Now if only enough people see it... I too gave again today. We have to get this on TV, before the voters.

Robert A. Black said...

It's already running. I saw it last night, and liked it.

Those "Yes on 8" ads with that lying scare-tactic lawyer guy have really been annoying me, and I was glad to see new "No on 8" ads that took them on.

john said...

Susan, I'm maxed out. Between the Obama campaign and No on 8, I have given all I can. But I have a question. We raised, what, $14-$15 million? Where did it all go?

douglas hunter said...

Amen Susan. I made a donation yesterday as well. The yes on 8 ads are a disgrace. I hope this one will help.


john ... it went for the radio and tv ads we've already run. it went for the staff to train the callers staffing the phone banks. it went for the lawn signs and bumper stickers we're handing out to faster than we can get them in. and they've "outraised" us about 2-1.

in gratitude for what you've given ... susan

SCG said...

Great ad--wish it would run in Florida as No on Amendment Two.
Ads are important. Money is important. But the votes are what are needed. Get an absentee ballot! Get your friends to the polls. Vote!!

FranIAm said...

I have contributed what I can right now and I keep posting about this too, even though I am just ASCFNY (another straight Catholic from NY!!). I will find a few more $$ somehow.

My two friends that live in Silver Lake have done a lot of work around this and I will have a post up tonight with some words from them.

Frankly if every person that reads my blog gave $5 there would be a decent amount of money, so even a tiny bit helps if it can be done.

If it can't - post post post no matter what state you live in. It matters. A lot!

No no no on Prop 8. Any questions?

FranIAm said...

I should have also said that everyone should be painfully aware that no matter how much is raised - folks like Ahmanson and the Mormons are loaded with ready cash and a desire to deny justice.