Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Who Won????

Who fared better in Wednesday's presidential debate?
Sen. John McCain 13%
Sen. Barack Obama 84%
No clear winner 3%

Who won the final presidential debate?
John McCain 32%
Barack Obama 61%
Tie 2.3%
Not sure 4.7%

Who won the final presidential debate?
Barack Obama: 85.08%
John McCain: 13.15%
It Was A Draw: 1.76%

Who won the final presidential debate?
John McCain 32%
Barack Obama 68%

What say you??????????????


jason miller said...

The Phillies.

JCF said...

[Yeah, better luck next year, Susan. What am I saying??? Go Giants! ;-/]

But seriously: Susan, I hope you and EVERYONE who gives a damn about [exxagerated air quotes] "Women's Health" will give McCain the what-for he so abundantly deserves. How DARE he dismiss the health of pregnant women!!! >:-0


Yeah, Jason ... that's really funny.




Jim of L-Town said...

Dear Rev. Russell:

I, unfortunately, watched the Phillies beat the Dodgers :(

So I guess I'm with jason miller, the Phillies won.

Thankfully, my absentee voter arrived Monday, I already voted, so no longer have to be engaged in the election. Thank God.

Sorry about the Dodgers. Wait til' next year.

A sinner saved by God's Grace

Jim of Michigan

Matthew said...

Regarding abortion, I really thought McCain's 'air quotes' of the "health of the mother" was really offensive and derogatory. It was unempathetic. Its as if to say women's health is a throw away issue or a ruse that liberals bring up. It is circumstances like this that cause many to be pro-choice because there are legit health issues in many cases. I never liked McCain but that really did it for me.

Fran said...

McCain's air quotes about the mothers (:cough cough ahem:) "health" communicate what we know about McCain.

He likely could not give a fig about abortion, the health of a mother or child but he so dearly loves his presidential aspirations, his ego and whatever is politically expedient in that arena.

On another note- so sorry about the Dodgers. When we were in LA this summer we went to a game- got to love the Blue.

I do anyway!

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Didn't watch it, but I had no doubt that Obama would shine. As one of the pundits said, "Who wants an angry old man as President?"

He's really looking more and more like the old curmudgeon down the road who yells at all the kids to get off his lawn.

Indeed, who wants an inept VEEP who never had a passport until last year and makes rape victims in her state pay for their own rape kits one heartbeat away from being POTUS?