Thursday, October 09, 2008

"No on 8" Fights Back:

It is WAY past time to call "BS" on the lies from the "Yes on 8" camp ... and (thank goodness!) that's what this "just released today" 30 second TV spot from the No on 8 Campaign does:

Click here to contribute to get this commercial "air time" ... because what we most need to do now it get the word out to what they call "low information voters" that WHAT THEY ARE TELLING YOU IS NOT TRUE!!

(AKA: Baldface Lies are not a Biblical Value!)

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Bruce said...

I know it's a different issue, but in this backwater, Santa Rosa County was one of a few in Florida that remained "dry," and when the question of "going wet" came up on the ballot every few years, all the preachers would rally the faithful to keep the demon rum out of Mayberry.

Two years ago, the demographics of the county had changed enough that the "wet vote" had a good chance of winning (and did, 2 to 1), and the Bible-thumpers got desperate. The scare tactics included promises of bars, liquor stores and strip clubs next door to schools and churches, which was a completely different zoning matter, and various other dubious claims. One radio spot baldly stated that 70% of all automobile accidents were alcohol related, neglecting to mention that the statistic concerned only single car accidents, which isn't really a surprise.

So, apparently, it's true. Whether the issue is the government controlling something as fundamental as who you can marry or as mundane as what adult beverage you can enjoy with dinner, bearing false witness is an acceptable tactic when you're doing the Lord's work.