Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Waking Up in America Today

That morning you wake up
remembering the over 500 people
shot in cold blood by another maniac
with access to assault weapons
knowing that thousands ...
are still without power and water in Puerto Rico
and still stunned that the USA voted to oppose
a UN resolution condemning the death penalty
for LGBT people --
aware that tomorrow is the deadline
for Dreamers to hold onto the thread of hope
that keeps them in the only country they know
and that last night militarized police in Saint Louis
again brutalized peaceful protesters
as Congress again regroups
to take down Medicaid --
this time through the budget process.
And the Breaking News
while you're brushing your teeth?
Raging debate over whether or not
the Secretary of State
called the President a moron.

This is not making America great, my friends.
By any measure known to humanity it just isn't.