Monday, March 20, 2006

"California Dreamin': More on the Diocese of CA election

Another clergy colleague, Tobias Haller, has a great reflection on the upcoming Diocese of Calfornia election process on his blog: In A Godward Direction.

You'll want to read it all but here's a taste: "Let me be frank. It is certainly true that out gay and lesbian bishops are a stumbling block to some Anglicans. The election of another such bishop may indeed lead to some of the provinces of the Anglican Communion severing their ties with the Episcopal Church (how many in addition to those who have already done so remains to be seen.) That would be their choice. I do not believe “the Communion” is going to vote us off the island in this case, as I do not feel that a majority of provinces feel that strongly about the matter; and if I am mistaken, and they do, it will still be their choice to do so. It would not be the first time that a part of the Body has suffered exclusion because it did what it thought was right."

Let the people say, AMEN!

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