Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pilot for a TEC Episode of Mad Men?

No ... not the usual livid-over-imagined-apostasy "mad men" but the advertising kind from the hit show "Mad Men" (which if you don't watch I heartily recommend.)

In a laudable effort to shift into proactive gear and start getting the word out the country-at-large that the Episcopal Church is a very cool place to hang out if you like your welcome radical, your theology incarnational and your opportunties to put faith into action abundant, 815 has launched an ad campaign ... debuting in USA Today this week.

It's got all the great bullet points I pointed out last week from our TEC website but it wasn't exactly ... well, ZIPPY:

So here's the interesting "plot twist:" Inspired by the laudable effort but UN-inspired by the result, a Georgia parish blog has taken up the challenge and posted "Ad-o-Rama" a competition for alternative ad submissions ... which you should check out here ... but here's a sample:

Now THAT'S a great way to start off a morning!


Unknown said...

Suppose you already have lots of political involvement but think theology is nonsense? Why should I go to church, spend money and hang out with a bunch of people in strange outfits?

uffda51 said...

It all depends on whose theology you're talking about. Pat Robertson? John Hagee? Joel Osteen? Or Desmond Tutu?

As for spending money and hanging out with people in strange outfits, how about an Oakland Raider game? Of course money spent there won't help feed the hungry or provide shelter for battered women.

For me, my church is about a community which engages the real world. For many conservatives, church is more like a restricted country club. It all depends on how one defines theology.

Unknown said...

You end up with circular arguments: "Tutu is biblical because he's prophetic because he's 'Progressive." "Robertson is Biblical because he's prophetic because he's for "Family Values".
I don't pay to go to sporting events. I can't imagine paying too watch the same thing without heating and having to walk 50 yards to get to a bathroom and pay lots of money for popcorn and beer.
If I want to give money to charity, I don't see why I can't give it directly, without having to watch someone swan around in satin robes blowing smoke.
I'm not interested in the fact that you have more education, are more paternalist/state interventionisit/libertarian on sexual issues/don't wear artificial fibers. Why should I talk to someone who's not there? Why should I run twice as fast to get to the same place?