Thursday, April 14, 2011


Two weeks ago Ed Bacon preached a sermon that called us to “examine our received narrative and sort out the toxic from the generative." Here's an amazing example of someone who did precisely that -- in a very public way -- and went from attacking marriage equality to supporting it.

Watch it ... and remember it the next time it feels like you're wasting your time having one more conversation with one more person who one more time insists marriage is a heterosexual privilege -- not an equally protected civil right.

Remember it if we lose a court case ... because we might. Or when another ballot initiative writes discrmination into the law books ... because it could. Or when the church fails to live up to the promise of "full and equal claim" it made to the LGBT baptized in 1976 ... because it continues to.

Remember this and keep it up. Because the arc of the moral universe does bend toward justice -- and we have the privilege of participating in that process by our work and our witness for LGBT equality.

With kudos to the Courage Campaign and a big shout out to Louis Marinelli -- this week's Recalculating Poster Child:

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