Thursday, June 02, 2011

Taking a Break in Baltimore

It is an awesome privilege to do this work we have been called to do. The amazing cloud of witnesses gathered to continue in the charge to collect and develop resources for the blessing of same gender relationships for consideration at our next General Convention has brought us to Baltimore for three days of meeting, consulting, drafting and liturgizing.

But right now we're on a break. So after a lovely walk around the conference center grounds (where the weather has happily gone from 102-and-humid to 80-and-breezy) I decided to catch up on email and Facebook ... and found this "It Gets Better" video from the San Francisco Giants. And life-long/second generation Dodgers fan that I am there are no words short of BRAVO. BRILLIANT. THANK YOU! AMEN that do it justice.

So take a break from whatever you're doing and check it out:


JCF said...

That means a lot, coming from you, Blue Susan.

Now, will the Dodgers make one too? Lisbeth, your Red Sox? Etc, etc, etc?

Bryant Dennison said...


If you have additional break time from your meetings, the Baltimore Museum of Art has a fabulous collection of African art and the largest collection of Matisse paintings in the world

uffda51 said...

A big High-Five to the Giants, which seems fitting since it was former Dodger Glenn Burke, the first gay baseball player to be "out" to his teammates, who is credited with performing the first High-Five (in 1977, with Dusty Baker) in MLB history. It does get better.